Learning and acquiring information is not only important for you to pass certain exams, but also plays a crucial role in shaping your future. But at the same time, we can’t deny that, a tutor and mentor play the most important role in guiding you through the process. So today we are going to take you to a platform, that will map you the journey for not only your growth, rather will always work for skill development. Therefore, read this article filled with the details of Teachoo, and get yourself all the crucial details about the platform and its offerings. 

An Overview of Teachoo

Teachoo is a fantastic platform created especially for the students of the CBSE, so they can prepare for their upcoming exams. This doesn’t mean that the platform is not useful for the ones who have completed their studies. Instead, it is a highly inclusive platform, that has wide coverage, which means it is useful for students as well as for the ones who desire to acquire skills. You can utilize the different sections dedicated to different classes and skills, and get your hands on their desired set of information and courses. 

Reasons to Choose Teachoo

There could be several reasons for you to choose Teachoo, and yet we have chosen to mention or inform you about some of the most applauded ones here.

  • Extensive Coverage:  The platform has extensive coverage which includes different classes, and skill development courses. They provide resources and guides for the students of class 6 to class 12, and several other skill development courses for the ones who are passed out. 
  • Streamlined: All the information provided on the platform is made sure to be presented adequately. To make sure of this the platform managers have categorized their work in different sets based on class, subject, and course. 
  • Well-Crafted: The course that is provided on a subject basis or class basis is made with delicacies. The creators make sure that each and every chapter of the subject is covered with complete detailed information. 
  • Ease of Accessibility: Whenever you will visit the official website of Teachoo, you will realize the simplicity of the navigation. Upon landing on the website, you can access this platform with complete ease and the infirmation will also be easy to understand because of the comprehensive language. 

Enrolling at Teachoo

If you wish to boost your preparations and studies and want to utilize the information provided by Teachoo, then you can enroll here. Though you might access this platform without enrolling, in the future it may cause issues. Thus, to skip future hurdles, you can follow these steps. 

  • Step 1: The topmost step is to open any of your preferred “Browser” on a device of your choice. 
  • Step 2: As the browser opens, use the search of the same to look for the official website of Teachoo.
  • Step 3: Upon entering the official website, you will see multiple courses and subjects covered by the platform,
  • Step 4: If you are a student, then tap on any course of your choice and get the study materials.
  • Step 5: But if you are pass-out and looking for some skill-based coverage then scroll down on the main dashboard and click on courses like Tally, Excel, etc. 
  • Step 6: You can click on the “Free Demo” option to get the free demo for yourself, and upon the end of the demo, you can purchase the plan if you wish.
  • Step 7: To purchase the only thing that you need to do is provide the details asked by Teachoo, and complete the payment procedure. 

Teachoo Login Process

Teachoo Login

Once you have completed the enrollment procedure then Teachoo Login becomes a task as simple as a breeze. For the seamless login procedure on Teachoo, you can just keep following with given information here.

  • Step 1: Undeniably the foremost step is to open a “Browser”, on any of your chosen devices. 
  • Step 2: Now with the help of the browser, you need to navigate the official website of theTeachoo.
  • Step 3: As you enter on the main dashboard of the platform you need to tap on the “Login” option.
  • Step 4: Moving ahead with the procedure you will be asked to enter your registered mobile number on the presented input box. 
  • Step 5: Once you fill in all the asked information, then you need to tap n the “Login” option in order to complete the Teachoo Login process. 

Categorization of Teachoo

Teachoo has divided its offerings into two major broad categories because it allows not only easy navigation for the users but also keeps the information streamlined. If you wish to know about them read the provided brief information. 

Teachoo School Syllabus Preparation

Under this section, you will get study material in different subcategories of subjects and then on the basis of chapters. This will allow you to keep track of the chapters that you have completed, and will also make it easy for you to look back for reference. Above all this section covers all the subjects of classes from 6 to 12 of the CBSE pattern, and is specially designed with the latest syllabus board. 

Teachoo School Passed Out 

This category is designed for the ones who have completed their studies, and looking for courses to boost basic skills. Here you will get courses related to taxation, tally, excel, and more. Enrolling in them will provide you with a good grasp on the top skills that are sought by the organization. 


Teachoo can become an amazing solution for you if you are looking for a platform that can provide useful material song with guidance. The website will provide you with various useful resources, like past year papers, sample papers,  etc. This will enable you to prepare well for your exams and also build a greater perspective for you to score better. Apart from this, the skills that you will acquire from this platform will enable you to build good career opportunities for yourself. Therefore, give try to this thrilling paltrom and generate greater opportunities for yourself from the comfort of your house.