With all the development around us, the government and those in power have understood the need of the hour. Therefore, they have started to invest as well as pay crucial attention to the education system. This same has happened with the Chhattisgarh government, who have understood the need to shape their youth and launched  Padhai Tuhar Duaar Portal 2.0. Which can be accessed with the help of CGSchool.in, therefore, we have dedicated this blog to this portal. By reading g this blog till the very end, you will be able to get all the basic and crucial information related to its offerings, and other login procedures. 

Know About CGSchool.in

In accordance with the initiative of making the education system work more efficiently, the government of Chhattisgarh has launched the CGSchool.in. With the help of this highly compatible platform, the government has aimed to provide multiple study resources to the users. You can visit the website, and simply complete a few simple steps to get hold of the offerings that this site has to offer you. Apart from this, the best part about this portal is that it is not only useful for the users, but proves highly beneficial for the teachers. Teachers can make effective use of this site to track the student’s progress. 


Name of Portal CG School Portal 
Created ForStudent of Chhattisgarh
Updated Name of PortalPadhai Tuhar Duaar Portal 2.0
Announced By CM Bhupesh Baghel
CategorySchool Admission
BeneficiaryStudent & Teacher of Chhattisgarh
Mode of ClassOnline 
Official Websitehttps://cgschool.in/

Offerings of CGSchool.in

CGSchool.in has numerous offerings for its users, with the help of which it aims to boost the user experience. Mentioned here are some of the top offerings of the site, that have proved highly useful for the users. 

  • Useful Resources: Students can get their hands on useful resources by using this website. With the help of the provided resources you will be able to prepare for your papers, well and score better in your upcoming exams. 
  • Latest Updates: Users will also get the latest updates regarding all the important notifications. It will enable you to stay updated with all the latest updates, that are being circulated in your institution. 
  • Teacher Dashboard: The teachers who work to create a bright future for the youth of Chhattisgarh are also provided with the benefits of using this platform. They can utilize the same to navigate and track the student’s progress and assign a task.
  • Students Dashboard: Not only do teachers get benefits from this portal, but instead students can work for the same. With the help of the student dashboard, you wil be able to see your class presence and work accordingly. 
  • Ease of Access: This is one of the best qualities of this website, where users get an ease of accessibility. With the use of this, the platform has made itself highly preferred by the users of the website. 

Steps for CGSchool.in Student Entry 

Now that you have read about the offerings of CGSchool.in, then you must have become excited to use this website as a student. To provide you a greater overview of the same enlisted here are steps for the same. 

  • Step 1: The foremost step is to open any of your desired” Browser” on a device of your choice. 
  • Step 2: Now that the browser is opened you need to utilize the address bar to look for your desired website. 
  • Step 3: Upon entering the official website dashboard, click on the “Menu Bar” and tap on the “Student Registration”.
  • Step 4: On the prompted page, you will be asked to select your education type, whether it is college or school.
  • Step 5: Moving ahead you will have to provide your registered mobile number in the given input box to receive the OTP. 
  • Step 6: Once you have completed the verification, you need to complete some further simple steps to access the platform. 

Process for CGSchool.in Teacher Entry

As mentioned earlier CGSchool.in also caters to the needs of the teachers, then here are the steps following which you can help yourself. Furthermore, by following these undermentioned steps you will be able to access the same seamlessly. 

  • Step 1: Open any of your preferred “Browser” on any device that you are comfortable with. 
  • Step 2: Once you have used your Browser to land on the official website, you can surf through its offerings. 
  • Step 3: From the provided “Menu Bar” on the website, you need to tap on “Teacher Registration”. 
  • Step 4: On the appearing page, fill in your asked credentials, and also select the education type. 
  • Step 5: Furthermore, enter your Mobile Number and enter the received OTP in the designated input box. 
  • Step 6: Finally, after the completion of verification and the steps, you will be able to complete the Teacher registration. 

How to Complete CGSchool.in Login?

CGSchool.in Login

After the completion of the registration on this website, you also need to complete the CGSchool.in Login order to activate your account. Furthermore, the undermentioned are steps with the help of which you can complete the procedure. 

  • Step 1: Undeniably the foremost step is to use the “Browser” to navigate the offcial website.
  • Step 2: On the homepage of the official website, you need to tap on “Login” button from the top right corner. 
  • Step 3: Next, you need to fill in your Mobile Number and Password in the designated input boxes. 
  • Step 4: Lastly, after filling in the input box, you need to click on the “Login” option to complete the CGSchool.in Login procedure. 


In conclusion, we all can agree that CGSchool.in is one of the smart initiatives taken by the Chhattisgarh govt. This initiative is not just a smart blend of education and tech, but also the effective use of the tech. It has made the resources more easily accessible to the users of the website. Apart from this with the effective use of the provided information in this blog, users can cover all the useful details. Thereby enabling the users, to use the site more effectively and maximize their output from the same. 

Disclaimer: All the details mentioned here in this article are meant only for informational purposes. There can be instances of noncompliance with the provided information, therefore we recommend you to cross-verify the same from the official website.