Pear Deck enables educators to design engaging presentations, and students can take part in engaging activities. A link or 5-digit code is provided by that enables you to enroll as a student in a Pear deck session. Through a code or link, students can access interactive presentations made and shared by their teachers at Joinpd a sub-domain or microsite of Teachers can SMS or email students the code or link. Students will need to have a Google or Microsoft account to achieve this. Google Slides is integrated with Pear Deck. Through teachers, students can also sign up anonymously.

Features and Benefits of

The teaching-learning process can be made more dynamic and engaging by using Joinpd (Pear Deck), which gives teachers the ability to present slides while monitoring student interactions. It seamlessly integrates with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint and offers a large selection of interactive slides with question types like multiple-choice, text answer, numeric, and drawing slides. Additionally, the platform enables educators to produce original presentations that correspond to specific learning objectives.

How Does Work?

  • Create an account: You must first register for an account on in order to use the service. Use your Google, Microsoft, or Apple account to register. After setting up your account, you can begin making interactive presentations.
  • Making a Presentation: The ‘Create a Lesson’ button should be clicked after logging in. You have the option of starting from scratch or importing an existing PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. ‘Start from Scratch’ should be chosen if you’re beginning from scratch. Select a slide’s layout, then fill it with content. Then, by clicking the “Ask a Question” button and choosing the kind of question you wish to add, you can include interactive inquiries.
  • Delivering a Lesson: The ‘Start Lesson’ button should be clicked to begin teaching your lesson. You will be given a code to provide to your students so they can attend your session on Students can respond to questions as you go through the slides, and you can keep an eye on how they respond.
  • Controlling Student comments: You can read student comments in a variety of ways on Joinpd.  The ‘Overlay’ mode gives a fast overview of the class’s responses by overlaying all responses on a single slide. The ‘Grid’ mode displays responses in a grid format so you can see each one separately. The ‘List’ view, which is useful for comments with a lot of text, displays responses in a scrolling list.
  • Recording and Examining Sessions: You can save the session once your presentation is over. You can subsequently review all the slides and responses because it saves everything. Go to the ‘Sessions’ page on the dashboard to access a saved session.
  • Providing feedback: Using, you may offer tailored feedback. Simply pick out a student’s answer, enter your criticism, then press the “Send Feedback” button. The following time they access the session, students can view the feedback.
  • Giving out homework: You can also give homework assignments or tests on Simply prepare a presentation as normal, but choose “Assign Homework” instead of “Start Lesson.” Give your students the assignment code and a due date. The task can then be finished at their own pace.

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