You’re probably stepping out of your  iconnect.idfc app for the first time. In addition to taking on your idea yourself, you’re also taking on the responsibility of other persons in your employ. iConnect IDFC is stressful, and indeed so. Many startups fail in the early years, and though most of these failures are related to a lack of revolution or a suitable business model, some still submit to unforeseen setbacks. 

Even with the right idea and a sturdy business case, what challenges most startups in the primary stages is that you have a small team and grand ambitions. And this core team doesn’t have someone representing each area of the business, which can develop a challenge, particularly concerning knowledge.

API Banking Solutions: Generating multipliers 

To begin with, let’s comprehend what APIs are. APIs or Application Protocol Boundaries can be seen as connectors that permit 3rd party systems to work with your own, producing a standard set of tools and services. In banking, this incomes a bank can offer 3rd party access to its conventional services through dedicated APIs.

IDFC FIRST Bank today offers API banking services spread across categories such as Payment & Collection, Bene Validation, UPI collect & UPI Payout, Insta Alert, Payment Gateways, Loans besides Cards, Trade Services, etc.

For Fintechs, these APIs generate wrappers to connect with partners in addition to customers, broadening their donation set and making it more customizable at the same time. Using trusted APIs from the banks, Fintechs don’t have to reinvent the wheel and build from scratch.

Finding the right partner for  iconnect.idfc app

When you’re mounting at the pace of a startup, you need all the sustenance you can get. IDFC FIRST Bank knows this and sees it as an opportunity to partner in your growth. The FIRST WINGS Startup Banking database offers a well-rounded Banking++ solution that goes beyond the core banking needs of startups in early development and mature stages.

The Beyond Banking Startup Kit trains founders with a one-stop solution for all their business requirements. IDFC FIRST Bank’s 100+ beyond banking partnerships cover the whole band of business functions: ERP & Accounting to Field Sales Management to Taxation to HR and Payroll.


Every startup may need to appreciate technology better to leverage it successfully, but every business needs a bank. For IDFC FIRST Bank, this is the opportunity to contribute to the startup ecosystem in noteworthy ways. By enabling startups from early and growth stages, with a combination of offerings that address not just the core banking requirements but also those of the business and the founders, IDFC FIRST Bank is setting the stage for how startup banking can be a game record changer for our startup ecosystem.